Diary Room Sesh

Imagining this to be a diary room , I'll use the space to rant all things Big Brother.
Wait a minute! Wait what?!

Do you ever wake up and wonder why Sabrina did not at least try to give it a fight when she made it to Final 2? Cause I do. Like she worked hard so make it to that position but basically handed Jon the victory. I know it was obvious Jon was gonna win anyways but it would so much fun if she gave it a try.

BBUSA fans should be grateful with BB16 no matter how boring some people are starting to say it is , at least the show is consistent format-wise as of now. BBUK fans have to endure with the mess that is Power Trip. Big Brother legit lied to viewers this week. The blasphemy.

Big Brother UK Rants.

1.This season has been a massive lie and manipulation. They might as well script the show.

2.It is so easy for Big Brother to take away the power from the Power HM who we voted but not the final pass from Helen. Go figure.

3.Big Brother’s hobby is probably throwing the housemates under the bus tbh. But not all housemates , just the ‘unpopular’ ones  i.e non-friends of Helen.

4.Moral of the story this season : don’t vote your favourites to be Power Housemates. Power Housemates are meant to be screwed up and eventually evicted.

I am an apologist when it comes to twists. But this season of Power Trip’s twists are pure manipulation.It is so easy for Big Brother to take away the power from the Power HM who we voted but not the final pass from Helen. Go figure.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Ashleigh is now up for eviction from yet another twist? I should have known better. Big Brother lied to us straight up , telling us that the Power Alliance is safe. It is as if they want the house to be full of dicks.

I swear there are so many Zach fans/stans in the tag right now. Who would have expected this pre-season? I am proud.

Me if ever I got to meet Zach Rance tbh

In the mess that is BB16 , let’s take a visit down the memory lane that is BBCAN2. What made BBCAN2 iconic apart from its brilliant cast was not because it rigged the game in our favour as some people like to argue , but the fact that there were instruments for the dynamic of the house to change. I personally feel like the producers have studied the Big Brother game well enough to decide when to put twists into the game to keep it fresh.

The inclusion of the Final Houseguest as an intruder was clearly to help the outsiders in gaining numbers because by the time the person got into the house , the house would normally have subtle if not obvious divide. What actually happened : Allison did not stay true to her War Room self and sided with the First Five , the dominant alliance. Which was understandable giver her fragile position in the game at the moment.

The veto ticket from the Buzzworthy competition was to help the house execute a backdoor if they wanted to whenever they see fit by not letting a houseguest compete. What actually happened : Adel used the veto ticket to made up a lie that ignited hope for the outsiders that they still had chance in the game. Adel however weirdly used the ticket to alienate Allison from the Sloppy Seconds alliance.

The Canada’s HoH week was to help the disadvantaged group to make the big move they would love to do. The absence of the HoH in the house means the house could play with the voting whatever way they want it to be instead of playing the HoH’s game. What actually happened : they did get rid of Andrew , the physical threat. Despite some people arguing that the week destroyed the alliance and was unfair , the First Five and their allies did not crumble until Arlie flipped to the other side for real. They could stay strong if they wanted to.

The scarlett secret veto (a.k.a ass vetowas valid for three weeks , including the Double Eviction week to shake the game up because normally a massive player got played big time then. The veto would be very useful to survive such eviction or to help an ally out, What actually happened : Allison somehow failed to make good use of the veto. First when she had the intention of saving Kenny who would be good for her game but she didn’t. The other time was when she did not play the game strong enough with Rachel and Sabrina to keep Arlie and voted out Adel when they could after the veto was used. Jeda outplayed them against their own good.

In short , yes , it may seemed as if Big Brother rigged the game , but really , it was just putting simple gameplay instruments on specific point in the game . The outcomes showed that their ‘control’ stopped there , as the houseguests played the game accordingly.

I am so disappointed with some of us in the Big Brother fandom. We constantly talk about intolerable behaviour of the people in the Big Brother house (who mind you , are daring enough to be recorded 24/7 and arguably deal with the consequences ) , but personally attack other bloggers on anon. If you want to tell something to someone , at least do it with class. And ask people to die just because of disagreements? Pure mature.

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