Diary Room Sesh

Imagining this to be a diary room , I'll use the space to rant all things Big Brother.
Wait a minute! Wait what?!

BBUK is trying to recreate the iconic Lettergate from BBCAN2 . 

Please don’t vote for Ashleigh. Vote either Mark or Zoe since the task would require the chosen housemate to choose who’ll receive a letter from home. I want to see either of these two kumbaya housemates picking faves and show their true allegiance. Do it guys!

Big Brother took away the immunity away from Ashleigh last week and we gave it back to her this week. How poetic!

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The sudden realisation that studying/understanding the behaviour of the people in the tag is as fun as studying/understanding the behaviour of people in the Big Brother house.

Anonymous said: I AM AN ADEL STAN AND WARRIOR TILL MY DYING BREATH, FUCK ALL OF THEM I RESPECT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *actual tear falls down cheek*


I legit love Adel. He’s not afraid to vote against the house , and was the beacon of hope for The Outsiders. I hate how some people like him just because they like Ika ,but each to their own.

Anonymous said: i love ashleigh but people are saying she is racist, what did she say to make them say that?


I have no idea about this. Have never heard about this. I hope it’s not true.

So Caleb genuinely thinks he is entitled to get Amber huh?

voguelles said: worst part of bbuk is that even if helen/ash/any of the "cool people" got power housemate, they wouldn't fuck them over the same way that they did with ashleigh and the "non-cool people". bb producers have made one mistake after another this season, and now they're choosing to give he viewers the power, what a load of shit :( so disappointed with this season! is bbus any better? i might have to convert...

My point exactly! I’ve said this before and it gets me really angry. I somehow thought they might do a reverse-psychology thing on us viewers where they treat these ‘non-cool people” badly so we support them even more. But really , I shouldn’t give them that kind of credit. This season has been a mess , true , but I do enjoy it when they have fun with each other and the funny parts. The tasks are really good too. I can’t say BBUSA is definitely better , especially since it’s a different format but I do enjoy it , at least up to this point of the game ( Week 5 ) , the game has been consistent and ‘fair’ . The houseguests are likeable too. BBCAN2  which is over now , was a really good watch though.

How on earth are we not talking about this?!





They gif-battled each other! And Big Brother used this gif of Neda against Neda


With how the girls on BB16 are playing the game , I genuinely think Ashleigh Coyle from BBUK ( Big Brother : Power Trip ) would be brilliant playing the North American format. She has been in the position of power twice and has proven that she knows how to pick battles , good at picking allies , and a strategist. She is not afraid to go against the majority and be accountable for her decisions. She enjoys being in power . We deserve this type of female players.

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